A Dangerous World

by Sixstep

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Because the world is still dangerous...

The brainchild of Orange County guitarist Elliot Koenig, SIXSTEP has been described as a musical Chuck Palahniuk novel. Their lyrics toggle between biting, hilarious satire and imminent tragedy, placed atop a vintage blend of classic rock, blues and jazz, and fused together in a progressive melting pot for a sound that is fresh but familiar to true fans of rock and roll. If you like Pink Floyd, Incubus, Morphine, Elliott Smith, or Frank Zappa, you will love the depth and musicality of Sixstep.


released April 4, 2009


Al Rahn - vocals
Elliot Koenig - guitars
Jason Glen Peed - bass
Ben Harrison - drums

Ricky Hopkins - tenor sax (tracks 3, 4, 10)
Ruben Puebla - trombone (tracks 3, 10)
Robert Peed - trumpet (tracks 3, 10)
Emma Werderman - vocals (tracks 3, 12)
Allie Feder - vocals (track 3)
Randy C. Johnson, Jr. - keyboards (tracks 10, 11)
Johnny Christmas - trumpet (track 10)
Kristin Tucker - cello (track 12)

Produced by Sixstep
Tracks 1, 3, 12 Recorded by Jeff Lewis @ The Compound Studio (Signal Hill, CA)
All Other Tracks Recorded by David Irish, Music, Inc. Studios (Orange, CA)
Mixed by David Irish @ Music, Inc. Studios
Mastered by Barry Wood @ The Other Room Studio (San Clemente, CA)
Album artwork by Rachel Perl



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Round Me Down
Tinnitus swelling
inside my ears and in my head
trying to deafen your footsteps as you walk away from the bed.

Guess it’s the summer fashion
you try me on and then throw me out
I’m like a complex fraction that you simplified.
yeah you round me down

Detritus collects all around
and I still haven’t left the bed
but I can’t sleep for wondering where you are instead

It must be easy
for you to go and cut me off complete
when you’ve convinced yourself I only wanted you inside me

You’re so like summer fashion
It’s not very long before you’re out
Just a chemical reaction you can simplify.
that’s it, round me down

It must be so easy for you.
It must be so easy.

How can you say see you some day?
How can it be that you won’t stay?
You made me into what you wanted to see
And what I needed to hear.

Tinnitus subsides
But only for a moment now
it’s in my dreaming all the demons start to prowl

I see me naked
stuck at the long end of your hall
stuffed up and simplified and hung up on the wall

I’ve got to make things easy
I’ve got to round you down
I’ve got to crush desire
I’ve got to kill this sound

What I am is not what you are and what you are is just a ringing in my ear
Track Name: Iron Curtain
you are an
eastern-bloc baby with a west-coast style
and you go through boys like a radio dial
change the channel, man, i’ve heard this one before
you got a knack for attracting everything that you hate
and if i gotta ask it’s already too late
shops are closed up here, go check the girl next door

well i can’t see a way around
this wall you’ve built just won’t come down
guess i’ll be moving on
but before i do
there’s one thing you should know

you’re a celebration of the whole latvian nation
in your business suit and stockings underneath
you got me tripping on my tongue, springing til i’m over-sprung
a rag doll you can gnash between your teeth

well i can’t help but be confused
you kiss me as you knot the noose
guess i’ll be going up
but before i go
there’s one thing i should show you

i got a brick
in my hand
and i’m thinking of letting it go
right through your second story window
i got a brick
the perfect size
so you can stack me on your wall
but maybe i will be the brick that makes your iron curtain fall
i got a brick
in my hand

well i can’t seem to keep my cool
acting the american fool
in this cross-atlantic play

i’m wallowing in self-defense
and building up my armaments
trying to find the right thing to say

but if i can’t beat you, so they say
i guess i’d better join the fray
another shiny trophy in your case

cause i can’t see a way around
this wall you’ve built will not come down
guess i’ll be moving on
but before i go
there’s one thing I should show you!

CHORUS (x 2)
Track Name: Ascent Of Apollo
show me how to love you and i'll show you if i can.
let's see if it is possible to be your savior and your man.
tell me how to tell you in a way you'll understand
that i'd hand over the world if you'd just give me a hand.

so here's to the gladiators who fell at your side,
the poor and the perpetrators believed when you lied for whom you never cried.
though i've seen the meaning of my kingdom come
i never guessed i'd stand beside the sun.

you painted me a picture of a world that we could share
but the paint it was invisible and the canvas still looks bare.
i saw you make the mountains and the watercolor skies
but they washed onto the ground like the teardrops from your eyes.

so here's to the gladiators who fell at your side,
the suave and the suffocators for whom you never cried.
though i've seen the meaning of my kingdom come
i'm so afraid to stand beside the sun.

ahne kol teekvah
ahne kol fachad
ahne kol chalom
ahne kol demah
la-ah-kov aht l-ha-shamash
nahmas l-ha-shamash

All my dreams
All my tears
All my hopes
All my fears
Melting away in the sun]

I see my kingdom’s coming
and when it gets here i'll do all my best dear
to let you take the reigns.
guide us into the sun
Track Name: A Long Walk Home
Fallen dust becomes dirt again, again
Let’s not glitter this worn ground
Let’s not pretend
Must we stir up wicked winds, my friend
Stir up all our forgotten sins
Breathe in
Breathe in

It’s getting colder out, I know, I know
Take my coat to keep you safe
It’s starting to snow
Time is barely passing by, so slow
We’ll have no time to wonder why we didn’t
Breathe in

Flag up, face down, I surrendered too late
Flag up, face down, I surrender

Take your shovel, we must bury what was once so pure.
Dig down deeper, six feet deeper, maybe in death we’ll find a cure
for what turns love into anger, what turns bliss into the bends.
I guess it doesn’t matter, there’s nothing left here for me to defend.
I let it end.

Flag up, face down, I surrender too late
But who can even remember why we fight?
Time’s up
It’s dead.
But did I surrender
too soon to see us become all we could have been after the war?

I tried so only to love you
Hold the world high above you
Protect you from its evil ways.
But all the time that I tried to
Save the one I had lied to
I was the one needing to be saved.
But I turned away.

Flag up, face down
What an ironic state.
I let you go.
And I know you’ll forgive me
but I just can’t forgive myself.
Track Name: Middle Ground
middle ground
you leave me on this middle ground
taking your sweet little time about it
keep me guessing if you’ll ever really understand
I’m in your hand
on middle ground

all around
I can feel the judgments come crashing down
for things that you might not have done if I had tried to stop it
I’ve fallen from the cloud on which I used to stand
and here I land
on middle ground

do I push you too hard or not hard enough?
do I give you too little?
do I ask for too much?
some days are great, some days you’re so tough
and you don’t respond to my touch.
I’m sleeping with a ghost
My God, where did you go?

without a sound
I wait it out until I’m found
while you wonder if it’s worth your precious time if you doubt it
I know you used to love me but I need to know today
and it’s okay
either way
but I just can’t stay
on middle ground
Track Name: Cause And Effect
I haven’t found a reason yet
in empty shots and used cigarettes.
I can’t separate my mistakes and regrets.
Mute the pain, dilute the trade of cause and effect.
Though I’m gone for now, it isn’t over yet...

Wake up in a mountain town.
The sun is high, my spirits down.
Two weeks to rehabilitate.
Wildflowers line the way to the place I spend all day
A circle in the ground.
Face myself for miles around.

They say I burned out before my flame was lit.
They say the aftermath of smoke proves it.
They say I washed up before the tide rolled in.
I drowned before the shore sank in.
I have no breeze to blame.

So I make a fire from sticks and flint,
watch it flicker, change its tint.
I make a fire and smell the stink of burning plastic, boiling ink,
and stick it in my veins.

I’m giving up on everything.
Everything but the pain.

Find a cure, please find it fast,
whether pistol grip or broken glass,
just don’t let them take it all away.
Don’t let them take me away.
Track Name: Flotation Device
I’ve been waiting three seasons to hear one goddamn reason
why what you call patriotic always smells like treason to me.
My throat blisters as we start sinking.
My dear friend, you’ve not quite bloomed.

My dear friend
I cannot stay
Another day with you and we’ll wash away.
You’re killing yourself. You’re killing me
and I’m not ready to drown this time.

You made my mouth dry a thousand times
as your profits soar high over a thousand lines
but I can’t stand on this world as it turns into powder.
Say it louder
You’re not quite bloomed.


You made my life into a rushing river.
Let’s go deeper and deeper.
Hold me close as you slip down.
But I can only hold my breath so long before I choke and drown.
Let’s go deeper and deeper...

Track Name: Lost Again
Memories become unclear after so many years.
Photos fade leaving arcane shapes
Of people and places I could once relate
But the memories at hand have been misplaced
On a sun-washed diary page
On a sun-washed diary page

And what I recall is what I want to recollect
Half of which I am sure is correct.
All the rest is just how I remember it
And the left behind will be untold
Folded up to remain as the unknown.

And at the end of the day
It’s reality
Time to return a borrowed memory.

Diary pages flip faster in reverse
Looking back everything seemed so well rehearsed.
Her eyes were lit with the utmost care
as she read the monologue she’d prepared.
But it didn’t feel like me even then
watching myself through the TV screen when she left me
she took it all and left me in 2-d.

Why do I recall what I can never recollect?
Half of which I am sure is correct
All the rest is just how I remember it
And the left behind will be untold
Folded up to remain in the unknown

And at the end of the day
It’s reality
Time to return a borrowed memory
Track Name: Maximum Strength Placebo
you prescribed the wrong medication
for this specific situation
your cure is such heavy sedation

now we fight our phantom afflictions
through prescriptions with side effects
beyond your initial predictions
Why do we listen?

sell us a dream
tell us what to wish for
now that god is a four letter word
and hope is the code name for war
tell us what to wish for

all around the mulberry bush the surgeons came to play
all around the mulberry bush the surgeons cut away

you inhaled the wrong medicine
to forget this type of sin
your poor form of self correction

not to mention that your plastic injections
fit to sooth your self-righteous infections
with a blatant disregard
for prosthetic rejection


Don’t you see?
They tell you what to wish for.